Wedding Catering 101

Oct 26

Wedding Catering 101

The cost of catering constitutes a big chunk of the total wedding budget. Whereas we would all like to hold a memorable wedding celebration, nothing puts a downer on married bliss for the newly-weds than starting in debt. Here are tips that can help you save money on your wedding catering in Hollywood, FL.

Trim your guest list

With most of the wedding budget being taken up by drinks and food, it is a no-brainer that culling your guest list will significantly cut down your costs. Ordinarily, menus are costed per head so serving 50 guests is far less costly than wining and dining 150 guests. Style your wedding as an intimate affair and fork out a little more in the after-honeymoon drinks party.

Pick the wedding day carefully

Unfortunately the times of the year that most couples prefer to wed are also the most costly. Most catering suppliers charge higher fees during peak season and also public holidays. Marrying on other days other than Saturday and avoiding the summer peak period can help bring down the catering hollywood

Ensure you do not to overfeed your guests

Many of us have attended weddings where scoffing delicious appetizers is immediately followed by a breakfast with several courses. A little time later the wedding cake is served and after a brief dance session the evening buffet is on. This is simply overfeeding, and food is costly.While no one wants hungry guests at their wedding, overfeeding them is unnecessary. Simple tweaks can save dollars –for example substituting starters with canapés or serving the wedding cake as pudding together with toffee sauce and ice cream.

Wed later in the day

Longer celebrations will obviously mean splashing out more on food and drinks. Marrying at lunchtime may mean serving the wedding breakfast early in the afternoon and feeding the guests in the evening again. Exchanging your vows later in the day means the guests will only dine in the evening and you can then offer them some cake as the night ends.

Arrange a simplified children’s menu

An effective cost-cutting measure is offering a simplified menu for the younger guests. A child is likely to enjoy the wedding more by having simpler fare like ice cream and pasta rather than a five-course elaborate meal.

Avoid unnecessary over-elaboration

It is far better to offer the wedding guests a tastefully prepared, easily-understood menu than sophisticated and costly ingredients that will only appeal to a few of them. Ensure you use skilled chefs and fresh produce. Delicious well-done food will always be memorable and do not have to cost an arm and a leg.

If possible, provide your own drinks

For drinks, inquire from the owners of the venue if it is alright to come with your own. This would allow you to take advantage of the outstanding offers on alcohol by such outlets as supermarkets. Hotel venues are likely to decline such an arrangement but other venues may be more agreeable. Search around for the most attractive deals and discounts and even explore whether you can get a sale or return deal (which ensures you do not run out of drinks).

The less formal, the better

Some premium service wedding catering packages include waiting staff. The less staff at your wedding the less you will fork out. Consider such methods as buffet where guests help themselves. Other contemporary ideas include tea parties in the afternoon and barbecues. You can also use a service at the table technique where every table nominates one guest to serve the others meat. This will liven up the occasion and save you some money as well.

Control the alcohol

Of course wine should flow on your big day, but you can be clever about what and how much flows. You can use champagne alternatives such as cava and provide soft drinks, wine and beer if you are footing the bar bill. It is perfectly in order to ask guests who prefer spirits to pay for them. Providing cocktails is an excellent idea as it is fun and affordable. However they should not be too strong.

Use your imagination

However you decide to organize your wedding, ensure the food is tastefully presented and the service is exemplary. It should be imaginative and noticeable and an important highlight of the day. You can design food stalls that also provide entertainment and offer home baked cookies for guests to enjoy with their beverages. Your guests should remember the food and catering at your wedding for the good taste and quality.

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